1. pixelsquidy said: Well i was watching TLoZ: 4 sword adventures and i was like "hmm thats a good idea to control each character separately to combo a boss without him hitting you then i thought how this would go into a fighting game and switching into each character with the back buttons and L & M P/K's would be there moves so you throw somebody up with the first and the second could continue the combo

    This idea probably would work actually.  I’d need to create a troupe of characters that sort of made sense with this idea, but it might work.  I might toy around with this one.

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  2. jagm-georgy said: Hi, i want to know something. Some years ago, you were making some draws about of 5 new characters, one of them was called Adult Sophie (the Sophie's Adult version), i really interested in that playable carácter. Are you creating Adult Sophie for Rumble Pack, Adult Sophie is done or is rejected?

    I designed a ton of characters that may or may not make it in the game.  Adult Sophie is a debatable one.  If I put her in, Ii have to make it make sense story-wise.  I’m not really against doing it, but we’ll see.  Realistically, If there is enough interest, I’ll put her in.  I’m sort of thinking about doing something similar to what the Skullgirls guys did and do some sort of voting campaign when we get to that point.

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  3. Secret break now over.

    So I’ve been quiet on Rumble Pack for about a month so far.  I decided to take a pretty significant break after I released the last patch so I could get another project started that I’ve been poking at for a while.  I’m getting back into the swing of things now, so hopefully, I’ll have something more substantial to show you guys pretty soon.

    If you want to see what I’ve been up to for the past month, have a look at my new personal blog here:


    I’ll be posting work in progress stuff there from now on and you can see what other things I’m working on that take up so much of my time.

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  4. pixelsquidy said: I have this awesome idea but idk if it will go well with the game ;-;

    I gotta admit; I’m interested.  Let’s hear it.

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  5. Anonymous said: Having a lot of trouble gettin my arcade stick to work. Help?

    There are a few options to get this to work.

    1. Make sure your arcade stick actually works on your computer.  If you’re using a stick made by Madcatz, more often than not, these have issues on certain USB ports on PC’s.  Plug your stick in before you start the game, and go to the “game controllers” utility in windows to see if it’s actually working.  If it is, got to step 2, if not; you’re out of luck and there’s nothing more I can do to help.
    2. If your controller is showing up as functional, boot up Rumble Pack, go to options, make sure joystick input is enabled, and attempt to configure the controls.  Make sure that you have your stick set to Dpad as well.  If this works, then you’re all done!  If not, go to step 3.
    3. Do a google search to see if there is a way to emulate “XInput” with your stick.  Doing this will “trick” windows into thinking your stick is a 360 controller.  This will almost 100% work for sure.  If you cant get this going either then try step 4.
    4. This is a last resort.  Download xpadder and use that.  Xpadder simulates keyboard presses for your joystick button inputs.  It does technically work, but xpadder can only read inputs at 50 frames per second (last time I checked).  This is a problem because the game runs at 60 fps and you will occasionally experience dropped inputs.

    Hopefully something here works for you.

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  6. pixelsquidy said: 1. when can we get our hands on this mega super beta/alpha? o3o omg please 2. Charlourette looks quiet diffrent from her mugen release mainly her black to grey hair and oddly shapen blubbers any reason why these changes were made?

    Weellllllll.  Ok here’s the the thing…

    1.  This is going to be a while.  I’d love to give you a tentative date on this but I really can’t.  We intend to have 3 characters done and then we plan to Kickstart the game for the full 16+ after that. Yes, the 3 character demo will be free and playable, but when? No idea.  This is a “free time” project for all of us that this point since we all have real lives to deal with (for now anyways).

    2.  That is correct.  She looks way different.  Many of the characters will be changing rather substantially.  This is mostly my doing since I got tired of the old art style.  Basically I want the game to look as good a it possibly can so a lot will change here.  Also, were trying our best to set our game apart from other games, visually speaking.  

    As for Charlotte specifically; we decided to make her look a bit older.  What you’re seeing isn’t the final model either.  Her hair specifically, isn’t my favorite thing and that will see a change as well.  

    Long story short, the game’s visual style is going to change rather significantly because I get bored quickly.

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  7. I was going to hold off on posting this for a while, but I figured why not show the work in progress.  This is a SUPER early alpha of the engine in progress.  A lot of stuff doesn’t work amazingly well, but it’s good enough for now.

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  8. photo




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  9. pixelsquidy said: so where are these screenshots i asked 4 a month ago \o3o/

    Hmm well ok.  I did say I’d post something by now.  Check the next post.

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  10. 1.7025 b3 now live!

    You can now grab the latest patch by hitting download.  This version is experimental and should be considered a beta, but everything should function normally.  For those who have already grabbed the full version in the past, a much smaller patch is available.  You can grab this patch by first going to the usual download page and then clicking on the second “Downloads” link on the crossbar at the top.  There, youll see the patch that you just extract directly into the game’s folder.

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