1. zero-starlight asked: (If you don't mind me asking, when is a more comprehensive training mode going to be implemented? By this I mean showing button inputs, that kind of thing. I'm not a big fighter player and I'm having a lot of difficulty doing anything advanced on a keyboard. Thanks in advance.)

    I don’t mind you asking at all!

    Unfortunately, my response to this may not be terribly satisfying.  A great deal of the cause for the extended delay on this recent update was due to me trying to implement exactly what you are asking for.  I have a more comprehensive training mode half-way done, but the big problem is that MUGEN (the engine Rumble Pack is built in) is closed source.  This means that I cannot make any changes to the way the game functions without some extensive workarounds.  I really only have control over the characters themselves.

    My only option to having more training options is to build them directly into the characters.  This does technically work, but, again, there are certain limitations that I am not really able to get around right now.  I simply don’t know how to trick MUGEN into functioning like this.  Contrarily, I can easily get Unity to do what ever I want it to since It’s an open source engine.  I don’t have to do any weird workarounds.  

    I do hope to eventually finish this training mode extension, however.  I just need the time to sit down and really get at it.  My relatively new job keeps me pretty busy these days though.

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  2. Anonymous asked: Is Sofie going to get visually redesigned for the Unity version too? I think shes awesome the way she is :c.

    Sofie is one of those unique characters in the game that are pretty much fine how they are.  Included in this group are Roy, Oliver, and Supercut as well.  They may get some minor tweaks here and there, but they’ll remain pretty much as is.  Really, you can just expect some minor facial adjustments on Roy and Sofie to fit in a bit better.  Supercut maybe getting an overhaul though.  I’ve been toying with making him look more epic.  I’m aiming for something in the “comically serious” realm.

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  3. Rumble Pack 1.70 Now Live!

    Rumble Pack 1.70 is now live!

    To make life a lot easier on everyone, I’m doing things a bit differently now.  For more information on this, hit the jump below.

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  4. 1.7 Patch release coming tomorrow

    Ok guys; as promised, the 1.70 patch will be released tomorrow.  I was not able to include everything I wanted to and a few things will have to be omitted.  There are a TON of changes to this new version so I wont really be providing a full change log for everything.  I’m sort of treating 1.7 as a new game in itself.

    So what will be included in this patch?

    • Completely redesigned juggle/gravity system
    • More combo flexibility
    • New character (Petra)
    • Fully redesigned and re-imagined characters (Sofie, Charlotte, Nadia, Zxppxr, Natalia)
    • Damage output designed to allow for quicker matches while attempting to maintain a reasonable amount of motivation for resets

    What will be missing?

    • A few characters lost a style here and there since I was unable to completely finish them in time (Zxppxr lost DEC and BIN style and Sofie lost BIN style)
    • There will not be a tag mode.  It’s not currently viable with the multiple fighting style system.
    • Some of the character’s command lists will be outdated.  I’m hoping to fully resolve this before the release tomorrow, but if I don’t have the time to do so, you may need to “discover” new stuff until I am more able to update them.

    As long as I am able, the download will be posted tonight at midnight (PST) so keep an eye out for the update!

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  5. Anonymous asked: is B.L.U jesus? \-o-/

    I’m fairly certain he is not.

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  6. Anonymous asked: why tiny torsos


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  7. Since twitch isn’t uploading the video to You Tube properly, here’s a direct link to yesterday’s stream

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  8. Anonymous asked: Will Oliver be in the Unity Version?

    Yes and no.  ”Yes” in that he will be a playable character still, but “no” in that he wont appear in the same way he does currently.  Since the vast majority of the characters in this game have ranged weaponry or attacks, characters of Oliver’s size don’t really belong and tend to struggle.  On top of that, other characters suffer since basic combos don’t work on him.  Admittedly, this was not planned well since I originally intended all of the characters to be around MC Supercut’s size or shorter.  Obviously, that didn’t end up happening.

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  9. pixelsquidy asked: 1-Will their be any Projectile/Gunner Characters? 2- Will their be any characters like Bridget from Guilty Gear? (Not the Cross dresser part)

    I’ll number my answers to avoid confusion.

    1. There sure will be!  I’ve actually got several planned out.  Mech Oliver being one of them. 
    2. I think warrants a multi-part answer since I’m not 100% sure what you’re looking for.  
    • If you’re looking for something similar to her playstyle; honestly, I haven’t considered anything like that since Bridget seems to be more catered to the air-dash style gameplay.  I do like her disjointed weapons though and I’m certainly open to exploring something that plays that way.  Pretty sure this is what you were asking me, but just in case…
    • If we’re just talking design/personality style, then I’m sure something that we come up with will appeal to you somehow in that manner.  

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  10. Anonymous asked: Are these new designs for Unity, M.U.G.E.N., or both?

    Unity actually.  Funny thing is, we briefly entertained redoing all the sprites in 2D and even went so far as to start on a few characters.  Example:

    Problem was that 3d is going to be easier to work with and I feel like we can get a better look out of it that way.  Having said that, unless I seriously have nothing better to do with my time post-Unity release, the MUGEN version will likely be left as-is.  My main reason for this is that elecbyte vanished yet again.  No real point in updating a game on a severely dated engine.

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