1. pixelsquidy said: 1. when can we get our hands on this mega super beta/alpha? o3o omg please 2. Charlourette looks quiet diffrent from her mugen release mainly her black to grey hair and oddly shapen blubbers any reason why these changes were made?

    Weellllllll.  Ok here’s the the thing…

    1.  This is going to be a while.  I’d love to give you a tentative date on this but I really can’t.  We intend to have 3 characters done and then we plan to Kickstart the game for the full 16+ after that. Yes, the 3 character demo will be free and playable, but when? No idea.  This is a “free time” project for all of us that this point since we all have real lives to deal with (for now anyways).

    2.  That is correct.  She looks way different.  Many of the characters will be changing rather substantially.  This is mostly my doing since I got tired of the old art style.  Basically I want the game to look as good a it possibly can so a lot will change here.  Also, were trying our best to set our game apart from other games, visually speaking.  

    As for Charlotte specifically; we decided to make her look a bit older.  What you’re seeing isn’t the final model either.  Her hair specifically, isn’t my favorite thing and that will see a change as well.  

    Long story short, the game’s visual style is going to change rather significantly because I get bored quickly.

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  2. I was going to hold off on posting this for a while, but I figured why not show the work in progress.  This is a SUPER early alpha of the engine in progress.  A lot of stuff doesn’t work amazingly well, but it’s good enough for now.

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  3. photo




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  4. pixelsquidy said: so where are these screenshots i asked 4 a month ago \o3o/

    Hmm well ok.  I did say I’d post something by now.  Check the next post.

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  5. 1.7025 b3 now live!

    You can now grab the latest patch by hitting download.  This version is experimental and should be considered a beta, but everything should function normally.  For those who have already grabbed the full version in the past, a much smaller patch is available.  You can grab this patch by first going to the usual download page and then clicking on the second “Downloads” link on the crossbar at the top.  There, youll see the patch that you just extract directly into the game’s folder.

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  6. Patch update

    Ran into a GIANT problem that I didn’t notice until last night when I was about to release the new patch.  Fixing it today and it should be available later tonight.

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  7. Forgot to mention, with the next patch, a new stage is coming too.

    The stage is completely silent unless a combo is performed.  The larger the combo, the more dramatic the music becomes.

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  8. Near-final Nadia concept

    Near-final Nadia concept

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  9. shinobientertainment said: Two Questions: Q1: will be in-game character aesthetic be 2.5D? Q2: Will you showoff your characters in SaltyBet?

    Two answers!

    A1: Yeah were looking at doing 3D characters on a 2D plane similar to SF4.  We had considered redoing the whole thing in 2D, but it’s much more labor intensive and we feel like we can produce something more professional looking with 3D.

    A2: Well here’s the thing.  RP characters don’t really work with other MUGEN characters right now.  I’d have to do a great deal of modification in order to get them to work, and several of them wont actually even be useable since they require shared common code from other characters.  Zppr being one of them.  His poison mechanic wont work on non-RP characters.  So probably not.  In the future, I MIGHT do a few characters to make them more general, but this also requires that I do AI which I’m not too crazy about doing in MUGEN.  We shall see. 

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  10. New patch coming this weekend

    So we’ve been toying around with some ideas for a while to streamline the game even further.  We’re going to release a patch that alters the game’s dynamic a bit.

    To start, the combo system is altered in a few small but sort of big ways.  There is now a hard 1 OTG limit.  The window is larger, but one ground hit and that’s it.  This rule does not count if the ground hit was a ground bounce.  You’ll know if it’s an actual ground hit if the hit spark beneath the character is red or green.  If nothing shows up, technically they aren’t grounded.

    Binary style sort of lost the rapid cancel and now has a focus dash-like move in its place.  This does a couple of things.  For one, it extends combos, but in most cases it’s for juggles only.  Since the dash has actual frame data, it makes some moves more safe than they were before, but horrible moves like Supercuts 2C slide, will always be unsafe.  The dash also has one hit of super armor so it can be used defensively to counter pokes.  This was done to hard counter Hex style a bit better since they tend to be more poke heavy.  The Bin dash cancel also counts as a move (combo wise) so it does cause damage scaling to go up once, but it also resets gravity scaling completely.  You’re basically going to use this in situations where you are intentionally trying to build overdrive meter, or you are trying to apply pressure, or you are trying to counter someone who is poking too much.

    Taeko and Yoko are also seeing some rather drastic changes.  We are removing the stance shifting and just making all the stance moves regular special attacks.  This was done for a few reasons.  Primarily we found that accidental shifts were pretty common.  Also, many of the characters options had to be removed or nerfed significantly since the stances made a ton of things too safe.  In the interest of making them more fun, many of the old options have returned but are now appropriately balanced.  This also marks the introduction of a new style for Taeko and potentially Yoko as well (time permitting).

    There’s a few balance changes here and there as well as some tweaking here and there to make things feel a bit better.

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