1. pixelsquidy asked: Im surprised that Devs like you actually like character suggestions because fans can be a little to much on 3rd and 4th party characters :T

    This is kind of a two part thing.  For one, I don’t mind hearing suggestions since someone might actually have a great idea that would fit really well.  Also, I don’t mind because I strongly believe that listening to the community on fighting games is important.  We’re long past the days where making a video game in a complete vacuum is acceptable.  Seriously, the only way you can reliably make something good is to be willing to step outside your own perception of what a good game is.  

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  2. pixelsquidy asked: so whats a "Quality Assurance" person? it shows that on the credits page on the download website

    "Quality assurance" is a term basically used for "game tester".  These are people I go to for advice on how to make the game better.  

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  3. pixelsquidy asked: So.. when will we be seeing screenshots of the unity version? c:

    Very very very soon actually!  Within the next few weeks possibly even.

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  4. Anonymous asked: Hi, i want to know... can i add a new fighter or new challenger ideas? Fighter and challenger ideas: 1) A giant monster like King Kong or Godzilla 2) An invented Breakfast Cereal Mascot 3) A Witch 4) A Viking 5) A cute bear 6) A fun memme cameo like Shoop Da Whoop, Wegee or The King from Youtube 7) A character like Blob, the character from Clayfighter 63 1/3 8) A Plantwoman 9) The Shadow of Alice 9) Invite Character: Angry Video Game Nerd 10) Invite Character: Nostalgia Critic 11) A Sentai Hero

    While, you’re certainly more than welcome to recommend all you want, we’ve actually got a great deal of characters already planned out.  I’ll answer these though.

    1. I mean, we could do this, but it causes balance problems.  Since we don’t have a super jump, you wouldn’t be able to jump over a giant character in the game.  There’s more than this, but that is a key issue.  We’d also have to move the camera back quite a bit to compensate.

    2. Not really a bad idea, but probably not something we’ll be doing.  Not really sure how to fit that in with the rest of the game’s lore.

    3. Actually already got one planned.

    4. As much as I like Vikings, having one doesn’t fit in the time period.  Unless I do some time travel thing.

    5.  We’ve got enough animals as it is.

    6.  Much more likely to see this sort of stuff as a background character or something minor like that.  I’m not sure people would like to play as such an extreme joke.  It would go from funny, to boring, to irritating pretty quickly.

    7.  Got one planned too!  Except he’s a ghost.  Actually, technically, 3 if you count Zxppxr and his mother.

    8.  Same here; planned already!

    9.  I actually don’t know what you mean by this one.

    9-2.  There would be two people who’d find this amusing; the guy himself, and you.  Legal issues aside, I’m pretty sure most people would find this pretty unappealing.

    10.  Same as 9-2

    11.  I like this idea, but the only issue is that here, in America, everyone would just ask why there’s a Power Ranger in the game.  A lot of people don’t know what Sentai is.

    Keep the ideas coming though.  Who knows?  I might actually really like one of them.

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  5. Getting closer

    We’re getting a lot closer to a final design for Charlotte

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  6. pixelsquidy asked: so whos dis white nigga call shounen in the game files hmmm?

    That is this guy:


    I didn’t mean to include him in the patch but he’s there.  I haven’t updated him in years so even trying to load him in game will cause it to crash.

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  7. cecil-if-you-please asked: Ok, I feel like a moron now. Not even five minutes after asking my previous question, I've discovered that holding the start/return button and then pushing a button to select your character selects an entirely different color. After discovering this, I'm curious; was this feature meant to be explicitly known by players? I don't remember reading about it anywhere. Was it discussed on the stream that I have yet to watch?

    I never actually mentioned it since I assumed (for some reason) that people already knew to try that.  Basically, the first 6 colors are intended to be relatively normal and the second set of 6 (holding start) tend to be a bit more out there.

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  8. 1.7011 Slight update (again)

    Ok this is the last thing I’m going to do for a while.  This small update reduces the BIN Cancel lag a bit and swaps the relatively useless burst dash with a multi-directional short hop.

    Hit download to grab it.

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  9. Anonymous asked: The character cast seem really cool! Will there be other playable "inhuman" characters? Like the dryad and the pink squid in previous artworks of the game. (Sorry I don't know their names).

    I don’t have a ton planned, but there will be a few.  The two you are referring to are Pearl and Ghosteo respectively.  You’ll likely see very few animal characters since generally I’m not a giant fan of those, but weird alien-types? Most definitely. 

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  10. Slight update to 1.7010

    I’m trying something experimental out here, so let me know what you guys think.  

    It’s nothing too major but this patch does a few things.  It reduces the length of combos even further, but increases overall damage.  Also jumping has been altered slightly so character spend just a tiny bit more time in the air.  

    Binary cancels also now have a bit of a delay to not only make links a bit more tough, but to make some of the pressure you can maintain from Binary cancelling blocked moves.

    Let me know what you guys think of this.  I can easily roll back changes if the general thought is negative on this update.

    For a full changelist, hit the jump.

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