1. pixelsquidy said: Please tell me there some sorta work on the unity version ;~;

    I wish I could tell you I had something new to show you, but I can’t.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit exhausted with the game.  It’s hard for me to want to sit down and work on it again.  I will say though, that I’m getting ideas again and I’m back to playing fighting games.  So maybe soon.  Hard to say really, but having worked on this thing for 6+ years, it’s understandable that I’d want a bit of a break from it, right?

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  2. eggworks:

Ok here’s another one


    Ok here’s another one

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  3. eggworks:

Haven’t drawn anything in a long time.  So here’s something.


    Haven’t drawn anything in a long time.  So here’s something.

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  4. Wow

    I’ve played a lot of fighting games.  I have a very specific kind of character that I like to play and many games don’t have them.  Even still, when I can find a character I like, they often have some flaw that sort of detracts from my enjoyment of said character.  However, out of every fighting game I’ve ever played, this guy is HANDS DOWN the most fun character I have ever used:


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  5. pixelsquidy said: wen will the kickstarter start? I wanna donate some moo-laa

    For Rumble Pack?  Yeah I have no idea.  I don’t want to start a Kickstarter up until I’ve got a good demo for people to play and until I’ve got a much greater following on the game.  I’m fairly certain that if I tried asking for what I actually need, the campaign would fail.

    If you’re asking about the other game, pretty soon actually.  It’s nearly done.

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  6. jagm-georgy said: I meant if you could make my characters drawn as official jugadles characters in your game called Rumble Pack. Dont Worry, no problem. XD

    Oh I get what you mean.  

    Yeah I’m not going to do that.  For one, I’ve got plenty of characters of my own, and I am pretty much done making new characters for the MUGEN version.  

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  7. Yeah…

    Sorry everyone, I lied earlier.  I got really wrapped up in another project and Rumble Pack is temporarily on hold.

    Basically I wanted to have another simple game that I could easily make myself that I could use to help fund Rumble Pack.  At this point a very strong demo for the game is nearly ready.  I just need a few more weeks to complete it.  

    I’m also pretty sick of looking at Rumble Pack; or even talking about it for that matter.  Having worked on it for 6+ years has taken its toll.  I guarantee that I am not abandoning the project though.  I will get back to it soon, I’m sure.  I just need to get excited about the project again.

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  8. jagm-georgy said: Last Question... Can I add my characters created in his game? Explain: have about 70 characters or more made ​​by me and I have about 10 or 20 characters made by my friends and family. My friends and my family allowed me to use some of their characters they created with me. Details: Also my friends and my family allowed me to use certain characters who were also involved in my creations.

    Hey, you can add whatever you want to your copy of the game.  Good luck in doing so though.  Rumble Pack is definitely considered a “full game”.  There are a ton of universal and inter-character dependancies (variable wise) and none of it is labelled or organized in any way that someone other than myself is likely to understand.  There’s a pretty good chance that any character you add will simply cause the game to crash upon loading.  If, by some miracle, it doesn’t; it’s certainly not going to function very well without some rather serious modification on your part.  By all means though.  Have at it.

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  9. Anonymous said: What the insane damage and defense intended on Tsukiko and will it be fixed soon? Also, was the life drain on charlotte intended as well? It drains almost half life. Thanks.

    Tsukiko is a heavy character who has trouble getting in on the vast majority of the cast.  Her normals are also not that great.  She revolves around a pretty simple style of play that involves going for mostly grabs.  You’re not really going to trick anyone when you play as her as her style is very straightforward and one dimensional.  However, when you actually do make a good read while playing as her, you get greatly rewarded for doing so.  

    Life drain on Charlotte?  I’m not sure if this is still in the current build unless you’re talking about her overdrive move, then yes; that was fully intended.  If this isn’t what you’re talking about, let me know how you’re doing it and I’ll look into it.

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  10. Anonymous said: Is there a way to fix Taeko Yamada's and ZXPPRX's portraits at character selection screen? They look glitchy in the latest version - wrong colors and white outlines instead of black.

    Oh right.  I forgot about that problem.  Yeah that’s a quick fix actually.  I’ll try to get that out this evening.

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